Younger, the literary TV series with precisive appeal to the 18 to 49 demographic, announced this week it will premiere June 12 for its sixth season on TV Land.

That’s a Wednesday at 10pm EDT and PDT/9pm CDT. After the end of the fifth season last year, the series announced it would move to Paramount Network, but earlier this month TV Land said Younger will stay on its channel.

The series revolves around Liza (Sutton Foster), a 40-something stay-at-home mom who lowered her age to 26 and tweaked her resume to get a gig at a major publishing house. She eventually works with Kelsey (Hilary Duff), an actual 26-year-old, on their own imprint coined Millennial. Masquerading as a millennial brings the drama but also puts a spotlight on the hyper-glamorized world of publishing.

The series has such a following that a story line led to a novel by one of the characters called Marriage Vacation, under the make-believe Millennial imprint, that was released last year.