Off the heels of Queen Sugar‘s fifth season renewal, one of its stars has announced her book tour.

Tina Lifford, who plays Violet aka Aunt Vi in the Oprah Winfrey Network drama, is on a mission to push mental and spiritual fitness through her new book, The Little Book of Big Lies. She recently discussed the book on an episode of Sister Circle on TV One and emphasized its title comes from overcoming life’s obstacles.

“There’s a self inside of you,” she told talk show co-hosts, Quad Webb, Syleena Johnson, Rashan Ali and Trina Braxton. “You need to prioritize it, take care of it, and more importantly any event that has taken place in your life that has left you feeling less than, not good enough, incapable, or limited is a lie. You gotta figure out how to let go of that lie and take your power back from it.”

Tina, also recognizable from roles on South Central and Parenthood, says she’s an “inner fitness strategist,” as she labels the book as a master class set in 14 personal stories.

“People make the mistake thinking that with success comes automatic happiness,” she said. “Two different things. Two different skill sets, and you’ve gotta learn both of those skill sets. If you’re not paying attention for the skill set for happiness, you’re gonna wake up with lots of money and power and you’re gonna wonder, ‘Why do I feel so bad?'”

Tina held an event in Atlanta last Saturday for her “Inner Fitness, Outer Beauty” tour with celebrity stylist J. Bolin.

“You gotta learn how to dress your spirit. You gotta know who you are on the inside,” she said. “You gotta not only know who you are on the inside, know who you want to become. And learn to say, ‘Up until now life has been this way, but this point forward it can be this way.'”

Her book is on pre-order and comes out in November.