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Loni Love Wants to Inspire the Masses With 2nd Book

Loni Love Wants to Inspire the Masses With 2nd Book

Comedienne and The Real talk show host Loni Love announced Wednesday she has a new comedic memoir coming out soon.

I Tried To Change So You Don’t Have To: True Life Lessons will be published under Hachette Books with a release date of May 5, 2020.

“I’ve been through a lot in my life, and I want people to know that you can come from nothing and you can turn around your life and you can be something,” Loni said on The Real.

On Wednesday’s show, video footage of how Loni’s book cover came to life played in the background. She wears multiple costumes to represent all the personas she tried to assume on her journey from growing up in the projects in Detroit to becoming a college-educated engineer to launching a successful career in entertainment.

“Basically the whole purpose is like I was trying to be different people, so I dressed up like the man, then I tried to be the hip-hop person, and then I tried to be the fly woman and in the end I’m learning to embrace myself for who I am.”

The one lesson she wanted everyone to take from the news of her book was to write.

“I implore all of you ladies and people out there to write, journal. Write about your life because when you look back on it, and you’ll be like, ‘I made it through. Lord got me through this!'”

Her first book, Love Him Or Leave Him, But Don’t Get Stuck with the Tab: Hilarious Advice for Real Women, was published in 2013 with Simon & Schuster.

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  • Shirley james says:

    Congratulations on your book. But just remember don’t just talk about God and how good he is, you have to live it……it’s called (getting saved)

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