A HarperCollins Publishers imprint is breathing new life into an independent book that became a hit via word of mouth.

Jayne Allen calls her book, Black Girls Must Die Exhausted, “chocolate chick lit with a conscience.” Originally published in 2018 with indie publisher Quality Black Books, the book is now under the Harper Perennial umbrella with a new release today.

The book became an internet sensation especially among Black female readers and their book clubs.
“I want you to know this story because it is truly our story,” the author wrote in an Instagram post in February announcing the new edition. She continues her post with adding what she has heard from readers over the years.

Together, we made change happen in the publishing industry and hand-in-hand, we’ll keep the tides of progress rolling in. You took a risk on a little independent project with a funny title. You read in bookclubs, in bathtubs and in bed, on subways and on sofas. You have written hundreds of reviews and spread the word through gorgeous posts and generous words. You gave this life.

Black Girls Must Die Exhausted revolves around a 30-something Black female TV reporter in Los Angeles struggling with her dating life while yearning for a baby as her biological clock ticks. She realizes her friends are in the same boat. The she lit book review is here from the original publishing. The book may be different with the new publisher.

The former version of the book will be retired as Harper Perennial plans to release the next two books in the series in 2022, according to the author.